Gaming micropayment network Zebedee raises $11.5 million

Powered by the Bitcoin Lightning Network, UK-based company Zebedee has closed a $11.5 million funding round.

The investment round was headed up by Lakestar with participation from Initial Capital, New Form Capital, TVP and numerous gaming angels, including CCP founder Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, Alexis Bonte, Chris Lee, Timo Soininen and John Salter.

Zebedee is currently integrated with CS:GO, enabling players to get paid for in-game activity, using what the company calls nanotransactions.

On ZEBEDEE, you can make transactions as small as $0.0005. When you can tie these nanotransactions to any action inside any game, that’s revolutionary.

It’s not just putting virtual economies on par with the real-world economy, but unlocking possibilities that were never possible before. Not in the real world and not in virtual ones either.

Achievements always scratch a particular, achievement-driven, itch we all have when playing games. So when a solution like Zebedee puts a monetary digit behind them, that sounds like a recipe for tremendous success.

Lightning Crush is another games that puts nanotransactions into action with in-game payments starting from 1 satoshi (0.00000001 ฿).

According to the team, the capital will be focussed primarily on scaling the capabilities of the platform and building the team, which currently has around 25 staff.

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