ZBD integrates Bitcoin rewards in PC shooter Splitgate

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Bitcoin gaming payment network ZBD expands its gaming portfolio by announcing a collaboration with 1047 Games to enable Bitcoin rewards in portal FPS Splitgate.

While the PVP team shooter is currently available across PC, PlayStation and Xbox, integrating with ZBD means its PC-based players can be rewarded with small amounts of Bitcoin called Sats. Through the plug-and-play ZBD API, developers and platforms can integrate instant global payments rewarding users for playing or using their apps.

Chief Strategy Officer at ZBD Ben Cousens commented, “We’re delighted to collaborate with Ian, Nick and the phenomenal team at 1047 Games to redefine the reward system in gaming and give players a revolutionary new way to experience in-game competition. With the ZBD-infused version of Splitgate, we’ve raised the bar for competitive gameplay by seamlessly providing Bitcoin rewards to gamers who demonstrate skill and loyalty.”

To mark the integration, ZBD has unveiled an upcoming tournament called The Splitgate Winter Invitational, which gives players from US and Brazil a chance to be awarded a share of a 0.5 Bitcoin prize pool. Set to start with a first round on 10th-11th December, followed by a second round 16th-17th, the tournament finals will take place 22nd December.

In late 2022, 1047 Games announced it would cease all feature development on flagship title Splitgate and instead focus on a new shooter. However, the game has remained online with an active core of players.

“Splitgate continues to have a loyal and engaged player base. We’re always excited to hear innovative solutions to reward our players, such as what ZBD has done, and the tournament that they plan to hold,” commented 1047 Games CEO and co-founder Ian Proulx.

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