Zebedee launches borderless payment system on Lightning Network

The blockchain digital payments solution for gaming, Zebedee, has announced a new borderless payment system; something that will simplify international transfers. 

So far remittances and cross-border payments have been restrictive due to their high cost, which made high-value transactions the only kind possible. However, through Zebedee, users can now send ‘everyday amounts’ internationally using a cheaper and faster ecosystem than legacy counterparts.

Zebedees’s payment system was made possible by leveraging the Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s decentralised, layer-2 payment network, enabling users to move money from their account internationally. This makes it one of the most cost-effective payment solutions, even in comparison to established payment and remittance solutions.

Zebedee’s launch partners

One of the issues with using the Lightning Network is that it can prove difficult to get value off the platform and into people’s bank accounts. To make its payment system more accessible, Zebedee forged links with a group of launch partners operating on and off-ramps for payments worldwide.

The company is starting with its first two main launch partners Bipa in Brazil and Pouch.ph in the Philippines. Soon after they will be followed up with additional partners for the US and European Union.

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