ZBD integrates AdInMo for Bitcoin-rewarded in-game ads

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Bitcoin gaming payment network Zebedee has signed a strategic partnership with mobile ad network AdInMo. Aimed at enhancing in-game monetization, the deal means players will be rewarded with small amounts of Bitcoin called Sats for watching in-game ads. 

While AdInMo is set to integrate seamless and non-interruptive ads into the gaming experience, Zebedee will provide bitcoin rewards directed at players and developers alike through its Lightning Network.

Through the plug-and-play ZBD API, developers and platforms can integrate instant global payments rewarding users with Sats for playing or using their apps. Sats can either be spent in-app, sent to others or saved up to be redeemed later.

Collaborating with AdInMo is not only a way to provide players with an additional way of earning Sats, developers are also said to benefit from increased player retention, by way of making advertising an incentive for retention.

“Historically, the equation was more ads equaled more revenue, but less retention. Now, by enhancing retention via the AdInMo/ZBD integration, all other revenue streams are also uplifted”, comments Zebedee in the official announcement.

You can download the ZBD mobile wallet here.

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