HASHED announces $200 million Venture Fund II

HASHED, the global, early-stage venture fund, has announced the creation of its new venture fund. With a $200 million pool of capital, the fund aims to use it to invest in new & existing companies to support the long-term utilisation of Web3 technology.

The climate for blockchain and Web3 has never been more advantageous for venture companies, the fund’s General Partner, Baek Kyoum Kim explains.

“There has never been a more exciting time to work in crypto, and we are grateful to our investors for their ongoing support and to the founders who’ve entrusted us to grow together.”

To date, HASHED has proven itself a bullish force within the metaverse; having invested in projects ranging from Axie Infinity, League of Kingdoms, The Sandbox, Mythical and more.

The decision to create a bespoke fund for Web3, as a result, demonstrates the teams broader commitment to taking the technology that sits behind these projects further. One good example of this was July 2020, when it collaborated with Ubisoft to support the launch of the MMORPG Nine Chronicles.

HASHED: Expanding its portfolio and pushing adoption for Web3

The team stands by its mission to empower the creation of a decentralised future for projects. With investments in Terra and Axie Infinity, Hashed embraced the need for being on the ground, working with project heads and teams directly to inspire local change and take them global.

More recently, HASHED’s portfolio of blockchain / Web3 projects expanded further to include GuildFi – a Web3 gaming platform dedicated to linking games and players through guilds and NFT ownership.

For the team, GuildFi was a strong example of how a decentralised economy can turn its community of players into stakeholders in its ecosystem, as the team explains in a recent blog:

“Taxi drivers, small business owners, and many other individuals started to join guilds — organizations that lend NFTs and educate users to play crypto games — to earn additional income.”

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