Blankos announces Gem Rush: first up – ATOM.ATM

The Blankos team has announced the start date of its very first Gem Rush. Kicking off on December 9th from 18:00 UTC, Gem Rush provides players with a rare chance of winning one of a select amount of exclusive Blanko NFTs while ensuring a provable scarcity of the ones players win.

So, how does it work? When the Gem Rush is activated for an NFT, players will be able to level it up to Premium Grades called Mint and Gem Mint. Doing this involves putting the NFT through ‘Fusion’, which requires players combine two LVL 15 Blankos – creating one wholly unique NFT.

Players should keep in mind that the type of NFT in the left-hand slot will dictate the class of your newly-minted NFT.

Blankos Block Party: Introducing AT0M.ATN

To get players involved in GradeUP and Fusion mechanics, the team has announced the first of its limited number of NFTs to be part of the Gem Rush:

  • AT0M.atn.ERR: Only 2,000 will be minted
  • AT0M.atn.KM: there rarest; with only a 200-strong supply

Rather than simply running for a limited time, the Gem Rush for ATOM.ATM will continue for 3 months until March 2022. After which time the minting of both Mint AT0M.atn.ERR and Gem Mint AT0M.atn.KM would be frozen. But, if the supply of these NFTs isn’t exhausted by this time, the Blankos team has hinted at resuming minting until the full amount are live.

While both of these Blankos NFTs are effectively debuting the Gem Rush, pending updates to how it operates for players, it will be opening up to more NFTs in the future.

Find out more about the first Gem Rush, and how the mechanics work by checking out the announcement here.

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