CyBall raises $1.8 million seed round led By Bitkraft

NFT-based, football game CyBall has closed a seed investment round of over $1.8 million today. Spearheaded by BITKRAFT Ventures, the team has also smashed a number of records on Binance at the same time. The funding round also included major players in the investing game, like Animoca Brands, Merit Circle, Yield Guild Games, GuildFi, and more.

This investment round comes just a month after the company’s highly successful NFT drop. It was during this three-pronged sale, that it also broke the 1, 24 hour and 7 day on Binance-NFT. For the moment, CyBall also sits on Binance’s top NFT collection of all-time.

Tin Tran, the Co-Founder of CyBall, shared his and the team’s thoughts on the broad positivity expressed with its successful funding round.

“The team at CyBall is extremely honoured to introduce our amazing lineup of seed round backers, who will join us in pioneering this powerful movement within the GameFi industry”, Tran continues.

“Games have always been one of the most popular mediums for players, entertainers, creators, and innovators to perform, socialize and enjoy memorable experiences together, but games have yet to reach a more mainstream audience. We incorporated football, the world’s most popular sport, to reach a new audience that might not have experienced the rewards of blockchain gaming.”

Far more than play-to-earn, CyBall’s ecosystem partner, CyLoans, provides players with the ability to loan out NFTs too. Whenever a user loans out one or more of their ‘CyBlocs’, they can earn a share of the success whenever the borrower puts them to work. This DAO in a different dress has clearly proven attractive to investors if CyBall’s latest investment round is any indication.

In the follow-up from this funding, CyBall will soon release CyDex, a native Automated Market Maker (AMM) based Decentralised Exchange (DEX). Players will be able to go onto CyDex to buy, sell and provide liquidity for CyBall’s native tokens: $CBT and $CYB.

Find out more about CyBall by visiting the website here.

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