‘NFT hedge fund’ Blackpool raises $6 million

This week, Fabric Ventures has announced that it is ‘doubling down’ in its backing and continued support for Blackpool.

Blackpool itself also announced a sale that managed to bring in major venture funds, such as DIGITAL, Bitkraft, Delphi Digital, Play Ventures, Backed and Cherry Ventures; giving it even more capital with which to flesh out its NFT ecosystem for gaming and the metaverse.

Between these venture funds, the NFT hedge fund has managed to bring in over $6 million in funding.

As a financial solution standing within the gaming and metaverse space, BlackPool provides broad exposure to NFT assets that generate yield when actively managed, with the intention to cover all attractive in-game economies, present and future.

One of the reasons for this growing interest from VF’s, and Fabric’s re-affirmed confidence is derived from its market performance. A key part of which is Sorare, which makes up a strong majority of guild holdings for Blackpool, with Axie Infinity being a close second, according to research by Delphi Digital.

Sorare is a strong indication of Blackpools position as an NFT asset manager; nearly 10x-ing its initial holding from July (>300) to over 3,000, as forecasted for January 2022.

Find out more about Blackpool by visiting the website here, along with the original announcement here.

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