WAGMI partners with NFT developer Cubix for Mobile PvP title – WAGMI Defense

The mobile games developer WAGMI has announced a new partnership with the blockchain & NFT developer Cubix to support the design and launch of the former’s upcoming mobile PvP title.

Cubix has had experience with introducing blockchain solutions and NFT game integrations. The company has supported major brands like Sapient, Nintendo, Walmart, and more.

Known as WAGMI Defence, the game allows players to fight against inter-dimensional invaders in a tower defence game. While details are thin for the moment, there’s every possibility that WAGMI Defence would offer a range of ERC20 or NFT-based prizes.

WAGMI Defence will also be available on Android, iOS, and desktop.

“From a technical and investor standpoint, the best part about this game is that not only is it attractive and engaging, but it is also based on the latest game development technologies associated with blockchain platforms and NFT (non-fungible tokens) technology.”

Along with working together on a new mobile title, WAGMI and Cubix will also be working on a series of gameplay-related comics and stories. For the moment, details of whether these would be NFTs themselves remains uncertain, however.

What WAGMI does make clear is that these NFTs will be part of a broader suite of games, each supporting Non-Fungibles and the WAGMI native token: which is also usable on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

Find out more information about the partnership here.

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