Solana-based Aurory raises $100 million in an impressive 2021

While (possibly) not as well known as some other games on Solana, Aurory posted a 1-minute trailer on its Twitter this week. Showcasing some of its in-game graphics, art, and mechanics is all well and good. But what makes this project more interesting is that it is being built and supported by a 9-figure war chest.

Blockchain gaming, especially NFT markets, has been red-hot for most of 2021, sure. But it’s interesting to think that a project like Aurory could bring in such an impressive amount of capital. With backing from prominent investors like Animoca Brands, Solana, GenBlock Capital, and more, it’s worth looking back at the traction it gained this past year.

One of the first times that Aurory broke into the mainstream (of the blockchain gaming world, anyway) was back in August/September when it took to Twitter to announce its successful sale of 10,000 NFT profile pictures to its community.

The interesting points were: firstly, all 10,000 were sold in 3 seconds. Secondly, there was an alleged minting error, which resulted in lost profits.

Lastly? The sale still managed to bring in over $1.4 million (or 10,000 SOL). Agonizingly, this would have been a more substantial profit had there not been an issue with minting.

Going forward to October, and the team also announces the successful conclusion of its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) for its native token, the $AURY. The result? The further raising of $108 million. So, it’s safe to say that the team has had an impressive year.

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