Gucci hits the virtual world of The Sandbox

Metaverse experiences like Mythical GamesBlankos and The Sandbox have proven to be the next frontier for major brands. For the internationally-renowned fashion brand Gucci, It’s taking to the metaverse to appeal to a new generation of consumers by partnering up with The Sandbox.

According to an announcement from the company, Gucci has purchased an, as yet, undisclosed amount of land on The Sandbox. Having a plot of land on Sandbox’s metaverse would allow players to become immersed in the digital wing of Gucci. Both The Sandbox and Gucci will be working together to create this kind of experience based on Gucci Vault – which was described as an ‘experimental space’ envisioned by Alessanro Michele, Gucci’s Creative Director.

The ‘Gucci Vault’ itself refers to the broad umbrella of all of the company’s forays into the blockchain and metaverse world. Among these projects is its collaborative NFT series with the company – SuperPlastic.

Being dubbed the ‘SuperGucci’, the event involves a three-tiered drop of unique NFTs that are coupled with unique, physical ceramic sculptures. True to form for Gucci, each of these NFTs has an initial pricetag of 1.5 ETH. While the drops have already begun by this point (first one started Feb 1st), a public drop is expected to start later this month. This public drop has been delayed for some time on account of fears over bots interfering with the sale.

According both SuperPlastic and Gucci, 20 of these NFTs will be kept for ‘internal use’.

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