NetMarble launches Klaytn-based blockchain ecosystem – MBX & Marblex Wallet for interoperable gaming

NetMarble, a leading developer of high-quality mobile games, has announced a new ecosystem and digital wallet based on top of the Klaytn blockchain.

The introduction of these two solutions demonstrates that the company is looking to simplify the process of integrating blockchain and digital tokens into already-existing IPs with ease.

The proprietary blockchain ecosystem, known as MBX, will be kick-started by being applied within NetMarble’s library of games, like ‘Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds’, ‘Monster Arena’, and ‘Everybody’s Marble: Meta World’.

Coinciding with the service, Netmarble is distributing the inherent currency, MBX. The MBX is now available for trade via Klayswap, a decentralized crypto asset finance protocol, in token swap format.

The launch of the MARBLEX Wallet allows users to store MBX, as well as convert in-game currency such as Ore into the game token. It also supports the token swap feature between MBX and Klaytn. Netmarble is planning to add a swap feature for MBXL, a bridge token for the currency, as well as MBX Explorer, which lets users find information regarding the MBX’s transaction information, in the upcoming updates.

For more details about NetMarble, check out the website here.

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