Wemade adds Valofe’s Bless Unleashed to Wemix blockchain

The free-to-play reboot of Bless Online now comes with added blockchain

Korean mobile games publisher Wemade has partnered with Valofe to bring its latest MMORPG Bless Unleashed to the Wemix blockchain platform.

The game was originally launched on consoles as a reboot of Bless Online in 2020 using a free-to-play model. The Bless IP comes from game developer Neowiz.

Whilst Valofe uses Vfun, its own platform, to service games in the global market (more than 20 games in total), the Wemix team is confirmed to be onboarding Bless Unleashed on its platform.

Implementing play-and-earn

With Wemix’s goal of servicing 100 games on its platform by the end of the year, and as the company works with play-and-earn game developers, Bless Unleashed is to come to the platform with such play-and-earn elements implemented.

“Various contents and the sense of freedom that can be experienced in Bless Unleashed create a synergy with the blockchain ecosystem,” said Valofe CEO Jaemyoung Shin. “We hope to present a special experience for users by onboarding the Wemix platform.”

Wemade, the Korean game developer behind Wemix, has been shifting its focus towards the metaverse and blockchain technology.

Wemade CEO Henry Chang commented: “Wemix is the only blockchain gaming platform that has a complete set of coin, NFT and DeFi. We are very happy to be servicing Bless Unleashed on the Wemix platform.”

The Sandbox developer Animoca Brands recently revealed that it has acquired France-based racing game developer Eden Games to bring blockchain to racing games.

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