Crypto Unicorns goes live on Polygon

Laguna Games, the Web3 game developer and R&D studio, has announced the launch of Crypto Unicorns – the social pet collecting and farm sim.

Taking inspiration from retro gaming experiences like Pokemon, Mario and Zelda, players arrive in the game with a plot of land and a Unicorn – harnessing them to craft, trade, breed and build up their plot. Of course, being launched on top of Polygon, land plots and Unicorns function as NFTs within this economy.

Utilizing the NFTs, players can also play a variety of game-loops in the Crypto Unicorns multiverse, including material crafting, marketplace trading, and unicorn breeding, with unicorn jousting, and racing, team battling and more to come in upcoming months.

Even before the game’s launch, it has managed to build up an online community of 37,000 unique players and guilds. Yield Guild Games (YGG), for example, has already purchased 10,000 unicorns and 30,000 land plot NFTs. So far, Crypto Unicorns is ranked among the top 5 Polygon-based collections

“Crypto Unicorns was designed to be an expansive, interconnected multiverse that’s built around these delightfully animated and whimsical unicorn pets,” said Laguna Games CEO, co-founder, Aron Beierschmitt. “It is inherently social and brings together the best of two worlds: the bite-size entertainment of casual games and NFT technology that gives players true ownership over the characters, land and in-game items that they’ve harvested and earned. We are tremendously excited to finally launch the game live on the Polygon mainnet and look forward to continuing building out this unicorn nation with thousands of community members and gaming guilds around the world.”

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