German PC outfit Gamigo supports GamerToken

And you can set up a demo account right now

In a significant move, German PC game publisher Gamigo has revealed it’s implementing a new blockchain platform for gamers.

You can already use GTX in a demo version of Gamigo's Fiesta Online PC game

Based on its ERC20 GamerToken (GTX), the ecosystem will reward players for their in-game activities, provide a marketplace for ERC721 digital items, and improve the security of in-game transactions.

The technology is currently available in a demo form in terms of the wallet and marketplace but there’s also integration with a special version of Gamigo’s PVC browser game Fiesta Online.

It’s hoped GamerToken will launch commercially in Q4 2018.

In the family way

In terms of the corporate structure behind GamerToken, the legal entity is a new Malta-based company called Laurel Foundry.

It’s staffed by current Gamigo employees including some from owned subsidiary Aeria Games.

For example, Laurel Foundry’s CEO is Jens Knauber, who’s also Gamigo’s COO, while its CTO is Gamigo’s CTO Gary Coffey.

You can find out more – and sign up for a demo account – via the GamerToken website.

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