Lord British is making a new MMO – built on NFTs

The name ‘Lord British’ is likely one that won’t ring any bells to some. But, for those fans of Ultima, they’ll know him as Richard Garriott – the man behind the previously-mentioned MMO series.

Now, Lord British is putting his focus on a brand new MMO series – this time on blockchain, and with its own series of NFTs.

As an investor in crypto himself, Garriot had no allusions as to the challenges that come with blockchain games. But, in an interview with PCGames N, Garriot laid out the issues he saw with blockchain games: the cost prohibitiveness of it, the prevalence of fluctuating gas fees, and a lack of breakout blockchain titles to draw people in.

While his latter point is up for debate, Garriot and Porter are working to address these issues with their game, which is currently in its early stages. Being at this point in its development, it’s believed that the un-named blockchain game will be a modern take on Ultima – an isometric fantasy RPG.

We can expect to see more from this duo, as Porter has said that they’ve managed to secure sources of funding for its development – but will also be working towards an NFT land sale.

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