LEAP is levelling the playing field for youth athletes with NFTs

For young athletes, entering the profssional leagues remains one of the hardest feats to accomplish. Whether that’s due to the lack of the means to financial support their goal, or obtaining recognition, it can be costly, challenging task. Out of 16,000 prospective athletes – only one goes on to a professional career. But the Israel-based LEAP wants to level the playing field for young athletes.

Established in 2021, LEAP operates as a next-gen sports discovery and endorsement gaming platform. The goal? offer youth athletes an easy way to get in front of fans and talent scouts through its easy to use platform.

To accomplish this, LEAP The app features a customized video editor, LEAP Studio, with specific filters, sticks, and add-ons to help talents better highlight their individual skills. What’s more, young athletes can use these tools to compete online in the Tournamnt of Meta-Legends to achieve greater recognition beyond conventional methods.

“We are in the midst of building an important platform that will enable young athletes to receive the visibility and rewards they deserve based on their talent level,” says Omri Lachman, LEAP’s CEO and Co-founder. “For too long athletes from certain backgrounds or geographic regions have seen ‘going pro’ as the only solution to better their lives, and we at LEAP are here to show them that going pro is not the only win. We are creating a ‘Tournament of Meta-Legends,’ the biggest sports talent competition on a digital playground to bridge the traditional sports industry with emerging talents and fans to unlock a brand new universe where everyone has an equal shot at the title by bringing their physical skills into the digital space.”

Find out more about LEAP by visiting the website.

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