Spike Lee to use NFTs to fund film with Mars Blackmon NFTs

Spike Lee, renowned for his popularly acclaimed contributions to the world of film, has weighed in on the world of Web 3. Taking to Twitter this week, the famous director gave his followers a quick look at his own series of NFTs.

Based on top of the Ethereum blockchain, Spike Lee will be collaborating with The Visible Project, with the NFTs being images from his 1986 feature film – ‘She’s Gotta Have it’ – where he played the character Mars Blackmon.

In total, 3,945 NFT will be released, all depicting Lee’s character in various frames of the original 35mm film. The move is clearly one inspired by some of his film-making contemporaries who have already ventured into the blockchain. Examples include Quentin Tarantino, whose NFTs caused a significant legal battle.

At its core, The Visible Project aims to lower the bars to entry for film creators, while demonstrating how NFTs can serve as a viable source of funding. For film fans too, the project offers them a true stake in what kinds of films get produced; a power conventionally held by directors and Hollywood executives.

The character of Blackmon is a significant one for Lee. Not only an iconic character from his break-out film but is a cultural staple too. After the release of ‘She’s Gotta Have it’, Lee reprised the role in adverts for Nike, and alongside Michael Jordan – a fellow NFT and blockchain alumnus.

Learn more about The Visibility Project here.

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