Reality Gaming Group rebrands to Reality+

Reality Gaming Group, the development team behind several break-out brands, has officially announced that it will be rebranding to Reality+. In doing so, it’s setting itself up as a full-service, Web 3.0 platform for brands to learn how to harness blockchain technology in order to build projects that stand the test of time.

“Reality+ will open new ways for brands to engage with their fans and unlock new revenue streams using Web 3.0, blockchain, NFT and metaverse technology, in addition to giving those fans more rights, power, and control over digital goods.”

Since its early days launching Reality Clash, we’ve been fortunate enough to report on its strength-to-strength moves from building its Augmented Reality shooter, to striking up impressive NFT partnerships. Some of these, of course, include BBC with Doctor Who: Worlds Apart, and ITV Studios with Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club.

These big partnerships come off the back of a five-year track record of working with major companies to create unique and engaging experiences. As a result, the rebrand comes off as a clear next step in its evolution as a team; opening itself up to brands seeking a blockchain strategy.

To accomplish this, Reality+ has stated that it will be grouping its operations into four divisions:

  • Web 3.0
  • Metaverse
  • Blockchain Games
  • NFTs

Each one of these teams will co-ordinate with whichever company they support in order to build utility, quality and variety for their digital assets.

About Reality+

Over the course of 2021 and this year, Reality+ has used the time to build up its leadership and development teams and now has its sights set on boosting international reach, and striking global deals. among the new members of leadership are:

  • Katherine Taylor Jones as the new CFO – who joins with a great deal of skill as a PE/VC veteran in the tech sector.
  • Mark Hojgaard and Hans Henrik were also added to the team; both bringing their blockchain and crypto pedigrees to bear, as CEO and COO of Coinify respectively.

Along with building out its team and making its presence known, Reality+ projects operate off a dedicated side-chain, as opposed to being on Ethereum directly. For those unfamiliar with blockchain technology – this is a big positive. Games directly on Ethereum have to struggle with high transaction fees and high levels of energy expenditure. Using a side-chain, however, enables a more efficient, scalable, fast and environmentally friendly solution for those venturing into the space.

For more information about Reality+, be sure to check out the website.

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