Animoca Brands and Quidd launch Mintables – allowing users to mint and un-mint NFTs

Animoca Brands and its subsidiary Quidd have launched the off-shelf minting/un-minting solution – Mintables. As a solution, the duo take aim at solving the otherwise inaccessible process of minting NFTs on the blockchain; empowering users to mint and un-mint their own digital collectibles straight onto Ethereum.

Mintable also helps bring newcomers into the space. Officially licensed NFTs are often quickly bought up and stored in custodial wallets or applications – freezing smaller, less affluent groups out of the space. All that users need is a MetaMask account in order to get started. What’s more, the minting process poses no risk of lost ownership; any item conserves its metadata, and doesn’t affect ranks of status within Quidd’s community.

For those more experienced in NFTs, Mintables also allows for easy un-minting of collectibles – so users can re-mint them on alternative blockchains. This process removes the often expensive (or sometimes wholly impossible) process of transferring these assets to another blockchain directly.

 “With Mintables, we are delivering user choice in addition to true digital ownership,” said Michael Bramlage, CEO and Co-Founder of Quidd. “Why should the platform decide if a digital item should be on a blockchain, or even which blockchain? The Mintables initiative gives real power to the collectors.”   

Along with this news, Quidd will be launching its first NFT collection that uses this feature, which is the Quidd X Atari collection. This series will be available on Quidd’s website, and GAMEE’s Arc8 platform in the near future.

The Atari X Quidd collection consists of a range of retro video game cartridges and digital trading cards from some of the world’s acclaimed arcade and console titles. Each NFT comes from Atari’s archives, so will consist of a range of popular titles, to some of the lesser-known IPs.

Officially licensed Atari digital collectables on Quidd are now available to mint and un-mint to the Ethereum blockchain for the low introductory price of $3 per mint. In the near term, Quidd will open up more collections for minting and will add support for more blockchains, including WAX, Flow, and Binance Smart Chain.

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