Anomura teams up with Aerial to create its ‘Ocean-Positive’ Play-to-Earn game

While mainstream outlets continually point to blockchain technology as one of a grab-bag of terms like ‘energy inefficient’, projects within the metaverse have been nothing short of rapid in their move towards sustainability and carbon neutrality.

For Anomura, its new partnership with Aerial – the sustainability platform – is about taking this mission even further. In an announcement, the team laid out its desire to dedicate itself to a range of wildlife and sustainability initiatives to make it’s game an ‘Ocean Positive’ P2E experience, quite literally. In fact, one of its initiatives involves helping to restore kelp in Southern California and supporting the creation of mangroves in Indonesia.

“Anomura is a game with a greater purpose. We believe gamers are just as charitable as investors, and that having the choice to donate to wildlife organizations is well-deserved,” says Long Do, Founder of Anomura. “Web3 feels like a playground for us to express ourselves, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a difference.

Fusing wildlife conservation and compelling gameplay, Anomura’s partnership with Aerial makes a good deal of sense; allowing its global community of players to experience the wild and diverse ecology of Earth while helping to preserve it for future generations. Anomura utilizes the Aerial platform to calculate and wipe out the carbon footprint of all its Ethereum transactions.

Anomura leverages Aerial’s certified carbon credits to become carbon neutral with SeaTrees’ top blue carbon REDD+ project. Additionally, it gives players an option to allocate their in-game rewards toward marine and wildlife preservation efforts through Anomura’s play-to-donate feature.

Carbon credits have, for some time, been a way to incentivise and monitor the push for carbon neutrality through offsetting. But, according to Anomura, of the 2,000 largest publically-traded companies worldwide, only 622 have committed to net-zero carbon, while even less have actually managed to enact meaningful policies in order to achieve them.

Anomura is beautifully designed and the play-to-donate feature is brilliant,” says Andreas Homer, co-founder of Aerial. “We’re thrilled to support the VHS team’s mission and look forward to seeing their ambitious and meaningful products come to life.”

Developed by Long Do, a highly experienced NFT Game Director, Anomura is the product of years of research into the vast and special environments of Earth, and the potential of blockchain technology to bring it to its community.

Find out more about Anomura by visiting its website.

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