Gala Games announces upcoming playtest for The Walking Dead: Empires on August 30th

Gala Games, the game publishing company and platform, has announced the upcoming playtest for The Walking Dead: Empires. According to the team, the playtest will kick off on August 30th from 12:00 PT, and will run until September 1st, 12:00 PT.

In-game, players can purchase land, which functions as unique NFTs. From there, users can cultivate the land to craft essentials, build, scavenge, fight rival players, and stave off the undead horde. Much akin to its AMC counterpart, teamwork is just as important in fighting off the undead and prospering together in this game.

Of course, teamwork depends on your moral affiliations; more power to you if you want to be more of a Negan.

In case you can’t wait, check out the official game trailer right here:

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