David Bowie goes Web 3 with Bowie on the Blockchain NFT series

For anyone with good knowledge of David Bowie and the estate, you’ll know that, along with musical talent, there’s a profound level of financial knowledge. Now, the estate has announced the launch of a new NFT series – called ‘Bowie on the Blockchain’ – featuring the works of nine talented artists, all paying tribute to the legend himself.

As the first paragraph mentioned, Bowie on the Blockchain is being headed up by the Bowie estate, along with OpenSea and the Web3 outfit, We Love the Arts. The sale will start on September 13, with profits going towards CARE, a non-profit company.

During his life and career, Bowie has been an avid collector and lover of art, which is something his estate passionately continues on in his honour. According to We Love the Arts’ Co-Founder Andrew Keller, who gives credit to the estate for getting into contact with his organisation, and making this a reality.

Taking the project and running with it, Keller and his partner – Joaquin Acrich – drew their inspiration from the artists whose styles represent the very same Bowie was so interested in. One condition that the duo set was that these same artists needed to have some kind of personal connection to Bowie and his music.

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