Sorare secures partnerships with NBA and Basketball players Association

Sorare, the French startup company having previously launched its fantasy football title, has been racking up major partnerships as it works its way into new sports. This week, for example, the team has secured new partnerships with both the National Basketball Association and National Basketball Players Association.

As part of this multi-year partnership, Sorare is well-placed to launch officially licensed NFTs based around the NBA – called Sorare: NBA.

Much akin to its other titles, Sorare: NBA allows players to buy and sell card NFTs representing famous basketball players. In addition, players can combine them into dynamic teams. to compete against others and earn points in matches.

This take on basketball presents some interesting opportunities for basketball fans and beyond. The new title could very well pull attention and players away from its counterpart – NBA Top Shot – while enticing players of any of Sorare’s other games, getting them excited about the NBA too.

Of course, this potential isn’t lost on investors. In 2021, for example, Sorare secured $680 million in Series B funding, allowing it to reach a total valuation of $4.3 billion.

Learn more about Sorare by visiting the website.

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