BUD launches its platform on Polygon

BUD has recently seen a huge increase in active users and has plans to launch an NFT airdrop

BUD, the virtual platform that allows users to create and experience 3D interactive content has announced its launch on Polygon, the decentralised Ethereum scaling platform. This integration will see BUD launch an upcoming NFT airdrop which provides access to ongoing token-gated gameplay features using the Polygon infrastructure.

BUD currently has over 10 Million downloads across 40 countries and also recently closed a $36.6 million series B funding round. A recently added airdrop feature allowed any project, creator, and artist to airdrop anything on their communities. The move saw the number of active wallet users shoot up from around 5000 to 80,000, roughly a 1,500% increase spanning only a few days.

A beneficial partnership

Polygon Studios’ head of global games business development, Urvit Goel commented on the integration saying, “We are excited to welcome BUD to Polygon’s thriving, diverse, and inclusive ecosystem. Since BUD’s mission fully aligns with Polygon’s own vision of a world in which communities and creators thrive, unconstrained by artificial borders and archaic regulations.”

The drag-and-drop interface that BUD offers enables users without a coding background an accessible entry to the platform. The platform is also planning to launch a collection of 1000 “special Gold BUD Passes” which will enable access to special events, unique avatars, and NFTs. BUD also aims to ensure that bot accounts do not become prevalent across the platform, which is a problem that has impacted other Web3 titles. 

BUD co-founder, Rise Feng also spoke on the launch with Polygon saying, “Polygon is the blockchain best-equipped to handle our rapidly growing user base and process the wealth of transactions and interactions triggered on BUD on a daily basis. Polygon’s speed, efficiency, and commitment to environmental goals — which sees its NFTs minted without incurring any carbon output — makes it the best home for BUD.”

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