Sony Patent explores blockchain and NFTs for use with digital assets

As digital ownership is a massive discussion within the gaming world it is no surprise that a giant within the industry would explore these technologies

A patent published by Sony suggests that the company could be exploring the use of in-game assets using blockchain and NFTs.

The patent which is entitled “tracking unique in-game digital assets using tokens on a distributed ledger” features a diagram on tracking changes in ownership of digital assets. The patent description notes that “individuals often find it meaningful to own or use unique physical items related to respected celebrities or activities.” 

The technology Sony is looking at would make it possible to track the history of any in-game digital asset, such as wearables or skins as they are traded from player to player, essentially working in the same way as NFTs without mentioning them by name. 

Ownership of in-game items

Digging through the information provided through the patent, it would seem that the idea could include owning assets previously used by popular gaming personalities. The patent notes that “there is no way to differentiate a specific instance of an in-game item that a famous player of the video game used to win a famous tournament from any other instance of the in-game item.” This could hint at ownership of skins or an in-game weapon that a streamer wins a tournament with, then goes on to trade this one-of-a-kind item with another player. 

It is important to state that many patents are filed that never manifest themselves, this patent was originally filed back in July 2021 and since then the NFT space has seen numerous highs and lows. While it is uncertain if Sony will decide to take this any further it at the very least confirms they are looking into emerging technologies and how they could be implemented within their ecosystem. The PlayStation Stars reward program that launched recently allows users to own digital collectibles however as there is no way to trade or sell them, they’re not deemed as NFTs but simply a way to mark a gaming achievement such as being the first player to unlock a platinum trophy.

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