Blockchain shooter is now playable on mobile

The Solana blockchain game which grants players the ability to earn through each kill is now running a beta test for mobile

First-person blockchain NFT shooter game was originally only playable on PC however a recent Twitter announcement shared that the title is now playable on mobile.

The play-to-earn blockchain game earned some popularity due to its ability to see players earn Solana for each kill made in a match. For those that haven’t heard of the game, it has similar-level themes to titles such as Halo or Destiny. Only in, the player can earn as they play.

The Twitter posting was straight to the point and simply stated that was now available to play on mobile devices by going to while in a mobile browser in landscape mode. The tweet did however also state that this is designed as a 1.0 beta test, therefore players should expect to encounter bugs and the team will be working on new features in the future.

Bringing the title to mobile is a smart move. Many gamers have yet to dive into the world of blockchain games and having accessibility via mobile increases the game’s potential audience massively. Mobile phones are still the most used device for gaming across the globe so while may only be beta testing the model it would make sense to see the game commit to this offering.

Players can jump right into the game by simply going to the website. Various modes such as Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch are available and users can play right away with no sign-up required to try the game out. You are however required to make an account if you wish to take part in the blockchain, earning aspects of the title.

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