Square Enix reiterates its commitment to NFT and blockchain exploration

With the beginning of 2023, Square Enix has taken the time to reiterate its commitments to emerging technologies, including blockchain. In his New Years’ letter, company President Yosuke Matsuda discussed the expectations that its customers can have of it in 2023, along with its ambitions.

Along with sharing all of this, the letter commemorates the 20th anniversary of the company’s merging. And, despite the ongoing downturn in the crypto and NFT markets, the company has stated that it will continue to invest and venture into the world of web3, blockchain games and NFTs.

For those unaware, the President had brought them up in his letter last year – alluding to the possibility of creating story-centred Non-Fungible Tokens.

“New technologies and frameworks lead to innovation, but they also create considerable confusion. Having ridden out such societal tides, some such technologies and frameworks gradually become part of people’s lives, eventually giving rise to new businesses and growth. Following the excitement and exhilaration that surrounded NFTs and the metaverse in 2021, 2022 was a year of great volatility in the blockchain-related space. However, if this proves to have been a step in a process that leads to the creation of rules and a more transparent business environment, it will definitely have been for the good of the growth of blockchain entertainment.”

Matsuda continues to mention how, even now “Our Group has multiple blockchain games based on original IPs under development, some of which we announced last year, and we are undertaking preparations that will enable us to unveil even more titles this year.”

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