Krapopolis – Fox’s new NFT TV show – is poised to launch

Fox has been expanding its offerings this month, with its latest show – Krapopolis – an NFT television show, is poised to launch this year.

While facing its fair share of opposition over the past few months, Fox is pushing on with the show, including a third season ahead of its proposed premiere. Originally, the entertainment juggernaut had slated the first preview back in November 2022, which was then scrapped and pushed to May of this year.

Now, however, Fox has stated that it plans to use the Football season to give it a chance in front of a massive audience. Krapopolis, the NFT tv show created by Dan Harmon of ‘Community’ and ‘Rick and Morty’ fame, is being showcased with a lot of confidence from Fox.

Along with its preview, Fox’s Blockchain Creative Labs will also be launching an NFT store in conjunction with the show’s release – starting with a range called ‘Krap Chickens’. The project has already managed to generate sales amounting to over $650,000.

Along with owning a piece of (eventual) television history, owners of one of these Krap Chickens will enjoy a range of benefits, such as gated merchandise, exclusive content, meet and greets and even more.

Krap Chickens will be far more than virtual assets, these NFTs will also lay eggs regularly. While not much is known at the moment, more details will come out soon.

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