GAMEE announces Arc8’s new iteration and a giveaway for the Planet IX event

GAMEE has unveiled it’s 2023 plans for Arc8

GAMEE, the creator behind Arc8, has announced a new update, which includes new games, new features, live multiplayer, easier onboarding, reworked competitive modes, and much more.

In the upcoming updates, GAMEE will emphasize maintaining the app’s interface while boosting the aesthetics. Further, there are plans to introduce beginner-friendly modes, expand the game’s lore, and bring about other changes.

The update went live on March 31st, right after season 7 ended. Here’s the official trailer released by GAMEE –

Indeed, one of the main aims of Arc8 has always been to provide an accessible entry point to web3 gaming. We wholeheartedly believe in the future of web3, thanks to its unparalleled potential for interoperability, digital asset ownership and community-driven content and direction,” mentioned GAMEE in their official blog post.

The announcement also included a roadmap that GAMEE looks to follow for 2023. However, the biggest tweaks will occur in Q3 of 2023. 

arc8 roadmap 2023

Planet IX is coming to Arc8

Alongside the upcoming updates, Arc8 and Planet IX have teamed up to bring an interesting experience for Arc8 players. Although a detailed description has not yet been released, GAMEE has been tweeting updates about the collab.

As per the tweets, the Planet IX events will take place between March 16 and March 23. Here’s the official tweet – 

To mark the event, Arc8 has also announced an exclusive giveaway. Players can participate in the giveaway and get their hands on a GBot NFT. With the NFT, holders can get access to exclusive games in Arc8. There are 10 GBot NFTs, and each player will be rewarded only one.

Here are more details about the GBot giveaway – 

The giveaway is scheduled for March 16, and it will take place before the main Planet IX event starts.

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