The Sandbox x Madballs: New avatars and experiences on the way

Madballs will now be seen bouncing in The Sandbox

Madballs, the foam and rubber bouncing balls that became popular during the 1980s, will now have a digital form as The Sandbox is all set to take it to the metaverse. The iconic toys had an icky appearance, odd names, and a weird character synopsis for each Madball.

In The Sandbox, Madballs will take on a digital form. The original Madball characters will be revived as collectible avatars. The metaverse project promises thatEach Avatar will be based on the original, outrageously disgusting Madballs characters, plus never-before-seen designs from the ’80s, featuring ghastly faces, grotesque names, and disruptively funny attitudes to match.”

For the collab, The Sandbox has released a 30-second trailer –

In the trailer, the grotesquely designed bouncing balls can be seen wreaking havoc before taking up a new “humanoid” form.

The Sandbox looks to be the new home for the iconic balls with their gross-out-humour and gross-out appearance. In the metaverse, each Madball character will have 20 handcrafted animations and they will have randomly generated traits.

Madballs in the sandbox
Madball avatars in The Sandbox

Holders will be using these avatars to access the Madballs content, receive special rewards, and unlock utilities. With these avatars, holders will be able to participate in the themed events, which are scheduled for release later in the month.

Madball Fans should note down a few dates – the HeyMint allow-list for the new collection was opened on February 28th, and it was closed on March 6th.

  • The pre-mint will take place on March 7th
  • The public mint will go live on March 8th
  • And the final reveal will happen on March 10th

Further, The Sandbox is bringing new experiences, events, pranks, and much more to Madballs’ LAND. The first Madball multiplayer experience is scheduled to go live on March 21st. Avatar holders will get access to an exclusive reward pool, and eligible holders will also receive a “wacky Madballs Madness surprise.”

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