Wemade adopts zkSync’s zkEVM Era scaling tech

South Korean blockchain gaming group WeMade has signed a new partnership with Matter Labs, developer of zkSync Era, which is an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution based on zkRollups.

Through this partnership, WeMade aims to extend the functionality of its own Wemix Play gaming blockchain, which currently has dozens of live games with over 30 new titles due in the coming months.

Thanks to Matter Labs’ zkSync Era, WeMade will be able to offer its users with a safer, more secure and transparent blockchain experience. And in future, when coupled with HyperChains – another solution being developed by Matter Labs as a layer 3 solution – zkSync and HyperChains will be able to provide what is being billed as a limitless experience.

This announcement is just one of many such deals. In particular Polygon’s similar zkEVM technology has been adopted by Immutable; something that was recently announced.

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