Blockchains and their games by numbers, March update

Crunching the data in terms of new games added to the Big Blockchain Game List during March 2023, Polygon comes out on top with six new games on the list out of a total of 39, followed by Ethereum and Klaytn with three new games each.

Also notable is that the total number of blockchains with at least one game on the list has increased by one to 79 with the addition of two games which will run on Mysten Labs’ Sui blockchain. We’d expect to see more as the blockchain builds towards its mainnet launch in Q2 2023.

A further point of interest is the large number of new games in March (31%) which are as yet “unknown” in terms of which chains they are powered by.

Maybe a clue here is that with so many chains available, the choice has become much harder. Similarly, it may become harder to even define what chain games are running on given that many titles will now be running on Immutable zkEVM platform, which is technically running on Polygon.

With ecosystems cooperating and integrating at a larger degree, will it be relevant — or even possible — to define which chain a game is on?

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