The Glimmering NFT mint starts 30 March

On Thursday 30th March, US game developer Gripnr is launching the genesis 10,000 NFT collection for its tabletop RPG The Glimmering.

Priced at 250 MATIC (around $260), these characters will be immediately playable in The Glimmering game.

The Glimmering’s launch comes a year after its successful seed funding of $2.5 million in April 2022, supported by XBTO Humla Ventures, Sopris Capital, Voodoo Ventures, Better Angels, Abstraction Ventures, and Carl Sparks (Managing Partner of Interlock).

“We are focused on building an active, respectful, and super awesome community of tabletop gaming fans and NFT collectors who want to join our vision of bringing 5E [5th Edition D&D] gameplay to the blockchain. Gripnr was created to support the players, game masters, artists, and designers who have made TTRPGs for the last 50 years,” commented CEO Brent McCrossen.

More recently, Gripnr announced a strategic partnership with J1mmy.eth (Jimmy McNeils), to bring the Mutant Apes series to The Glimmering as a unique villain series. This collaboration will be commemorated with a limited collection, to be released later in 2023. Owners of any of the game’s Genesis Collection will get the first option to buy.

Leveraging the Polygon blockchain, all games are fully logged and track player/character development down to campaign progress and even loot. Character avatars will change as this progresses, based on in-game outcomes.

For more information, visit the website.

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