Mutant Ape-inspired Serum City coming to Yugaverse

In a surprise move, Mini Royale developer Faraway is collaborating with Mutant Cartel outfit Novel Labs to launch Serum City, an episodic city building game set in Yuga Labs’ Yugaverse.

Inspired by the Mutant Cartel’s ongoing storytelling projects in the Bored Apes/Mutant Apes universe – something it calls the Mutant Cartel Expanded Universe – Serum City sets Mutants as the underclass in a world ruled by Bored Apes.

At launch, access to Serum City will be gated for holders of Bored Apes, Mutant Apes and Mutant Cartel’s own Mutant Hound and Genesis Oath NFTs.

Created using Faraway’s development platform, which supports Solana, Polygon and Ethereum, Serum City will run on Ethereum mainnet and be the first non-Yuga project to support ApeCoin. It will also feature cross-game and cross-universe events as items won or crafted in Serum City will have additional utility in other games and projects.

 “Serum City is our most ambitious expansion of the Mutant Cartel universe to-date, and we couldn’t think of a better partner than Faraway,” commented co-founder Lior Messik.

“Together, we plan to deliver industry-defining experiences through engaging stories, a constantly expanding universe, and permissionless innovation. We’re excited to be working with Faraway on expanding some of web3 gaming’s most interesting ideas: permissionless interoperability, cross-game interactions, and much more.”

Serum City is due to launch later in 2023. Keep up-to-date with its progress via Mutant Cartel’s twitter.

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