Epic Games Store now lists 18 blockchain games

With Valve’s Steam PC game distribution platform not approving blockchain games, there’s a big opportunity for companies looking to differentiate themselves in this new sector.

And despite some reluctance from Epic Games’ CEO Tim Sweeney to use the technology in its own games, the Epic Games Store looks like it’s throwing open its doors.

Mythical Games was the first to launch a blockchain game on the store with Blankos Block Party going live in September 2022, and other titles are following suit with TCG Cards of Ethernity the latest. The Core platform also supports NFT-enabled experiences including Mekaverse’s hub, hanger and Meka-Solarys mini-game.

Indeed, the Epic Games Store now lists 18 blockchain games, the majority of which plan to go publicly live during 2023.

Equally significantly, a number of these titles are already providing codes to enable early access to their communities for testing purposes. Examples include Superior, MetalCore, World Eternal Online and The Machines Arena.

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