First 13 launch games for Sui blockchain announced

With the Sui mainnet having gone live this week, Mysten Labs has also been revealing more about how it plans for its new L1 blockchain to scale and gain users, including announcing its first wave of games.

These launch in a weekly sequence starting from 15th May with titles including RPG Final Stardust from developer Comet Labs, RPG Project Eluune from Arrivant and mobile move-to-earn game Run Legends from Talofa Games.

The next set of games will be released from 22nd May onwards. These include metaverse Worlds Beyond, the Animal Crossing-inspired Cosmocadia from developer Lucky Kat and TCG Cards of Ethernity from developer Aether Games.

From 29th May, releases include BitPunch and Seascape’s strategy game Mini Miners, Orange Comet’s Degens & Dragons, Ghost Ivy’s FPS Haven Compass and BlueJay’s mobile game Arcade Champion.

The final set of games will launch from 5th June, including Onenet’s thirdperson competitive shooter Bushi, Lucky Kat’s Panzerdogs and Orange Comet’s as-yet untitled The Walking Dead game.

 In total, Mysten Labs says over 30 game developers will be supporting Sui, with other outfits including Netmarble, which will launch its RPG Grand Cross: Metaworld.

You can find out more about the Sui blockchain via its website.

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