WAX Unity Web3 Suite released

The WAX blockchain, together with EOSIO tech and game developer Liquiid, have announced the release of their new tools for Unity, the WAX Unity Web3 Suite.

This will make it easier for game developers to integrate web3 features and wallets such as the WAX Cloud Wallet or Anchor into their games, enabling the ownership of digital assets, while using their standard development tools. Another key advantage of WAX in this respect is its fast, gas-free transactions.

The suite also supports NFT marketplaces such as AtomicMarket and AtomicAssets, while enabling access to API such as Hyperion, which enable developers to access and query blockchain data.

WAX is best known as the blockchain for Alien Worlds, which has been the most popular blockchain game in recent years in terms of its onchain activity.

In addition, Liquiid is using the tech for its own title The Liquiid Universe, which is due for release in 2024. You can find out more details via Liquiid’s Gitbook.

And, more generally, 18 SDKs labelled under the ‘Decentralization’ tag are now listed in the Unity Asset Store. These include SDKs from blockchains such as Flow, Tezos, Algorand, Immutable and Aptos.

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