Affyn reveals new web3 mobile title Buddy Arena

Singaporean web3 game developer Affyn has announced a new web3 mobile game Buddy Arena, which utilises its Nexus World buddy NFTs. 

While starting with a presentation of the primary metaverse project Nexus World and the thinking behind its adoption of web3, game director Calvin Tee said “We’re trying new technology like web3, blockchain and NFTs. How to use them in games hasn’t exactly been figured out yet. Not just to use it in a trivial way, but how can we deliver an experience that you can only create by using this new technology?”

Tee added “we have a healthy amount of scepticism as we are going forward”.

Moving on, Affyn’s founder and CEO Lucaz Lee talked about how the Nexus World NFTs would gain value and utility, with a focus on benefiting the community. He emphasised interoperability, and in particular how the team had been focusing on creating utility through the project’s FYN token, Buddies and Land NFTs. 

Out of this grew the idea of a game that could attract web2 users, who in turn would be onboarded to web3 through the utility of Affyn’s IPs. That’s how the “secret project” Buddy Arena, a fast paced multiplayer brawler mobile game taking place in Nexus World was born.

Lee also mentioned three important pillars for successful growth; “our products, our community and our partners”, and went on to announce a handful of partnerships including YGG Sea, Neopets Meta, Apeiron and The Sandbox. Another collaboration announced is with Warner Music Singapore.

The upcoming dates announced to keep in mind: 

  • Nexus World Land City launch on 18th May
  • Buddy Arena, closed alpha on 31st May
  • OG edition Mythical Buddy, free mint of 1,988 NFTs on 22nd June

For more, visit Affyn’s website.

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