Open metaverse chain Lamina1 launching Discovery Month for devs

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To mark the integration of Crucible’s Emergence SDK toolkit into the open metaverse-optimized Lamina1 blockchain, the two are launching an open metaverse discovery program called Pathfinders. Starting on Sunday 1st October, Pathfinders will run for a month, with the main focus to support web3 creators explore new experiences in the open metaverse.

Lamina1 and Crucible’s joint initiative marks the official integration of the Emergence SDK as the preferred toolkit for Lamina1, which will enable game developers to connect their experiences built on either Unity or Unreal, enabling various on-chain features like avatars, NFTs, and other blockchain interactions. 

Including joint quests and bounties, hands-on workshops for developers, and sponsored competitions for community creators, Pathfinders participants will also have a chance to launch their playable experiences (Spaces) and NFTs on the Lamina1 Hub, with the opportunity to expand across additional open metaverse games and experiences.

“Crucible and LAMINA1 are leaders in their fields when it comes to developing the tools and infrastructure for the Open Metaverse: Emergence is a toolkit for game developers that lets them easily integrate Web3 features, including VRM avatars, on-chain inventory, and read/write to the L1 blockchain, while LAMINA1 is building the core infrastructure to allow for an equitable and open metaverse that empowers communities, developers, and creators,” explained Lamina1 CPO Gordon Mattey.

Crucible founder Ryan Gill added, “LAMINA1 has been a leader in establishing a vision for an Open Metaverse that’s open and inclusive. We’ve been hard at work building the infrastructure to make it easy for game developers to easily create web3 experiences. Now, it’s time for our communities to begin experimenting and prototyping the future.”

Following the integration, developers can start testing their games with a community of over 50,000 open metaverse builders.

To participate in Pathfinders, users need to join the Lamina1 and Open Meta Discords. The first set of workshops will be hosted on 25th October (Unity) and 26th October (Unreal) on the Open Meta Discord.

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