Launching Season One, Mojo Melee goes live on Google Play

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Polygon-based autochess battler Mojo Melee has taken the significant step of launching Season One; something it’s calling the Emergence of Champions.

One reason is the game is releasing a new in-game champion character, a dark rogue Platypus called Veren Mostelier.

It’s also the first time players have been able to access the browser game on mobile, with the Android version hitting open beta via Google Play Store. The game can be played cross-platform across devices with the iOS launched scheduled for later in 2023.

Other new features unlocked in Season One include two new spellstones, a new premium battlepass and chroma skins so players can customize the look of their champions.

“We’re pumped to begin Mojo Melee’s first official Season of play,” said Mystic Moose’s CEO Mike Levine.

“Our team has worked hard over the last year creating what we believe is the next evolution of the auto chess genre – faster paced, easier to pick up, but with depth and strategy for those who put the time in. We’re grateful to our strong community of players who were at our side on this journey and gave us incredible feedback during our alpha and beta stages. The future is bright for Mojo Melee!” 

Check it out via the Mojo Melee website.

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