BNB and Solana fade as Polygon becomes most popular blockchain for games

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At the halfway mark through 2023 we’re crunching data from the Big Blockchain Game List. First up, we’re looking at the number of blockchain games that have ceased development.

158 blockchain games were discontinued during H1 2023, bringing the total of games that have been taken off the list because they have been discontinued to 248.

BNB experienced the highest number of failures with 39 titles, followed by Polygon (26) and Ethereum (27), although in the case of Ethereum, many of those games have transitioned to other EVM chains. Champions Ascension’s move from Ethereum to Polygon is one high profile example.

Solana lost 24 games: again this isn’t surprising given market conditions.

Looking at the blockchains with the most games, the trend is similar with BNB losing its #1 position to Polygon, which currently has 98 games (12%) compared to BNB’s 80 (10%).

Ethereum is third on 10% followed by Solana on 6% and IMX on 5%. Notably, Solana has slipped back from 10% to 6% since November 2022 whilst IMX has seen an increase from 3%.

The largest gainer is the category Multichain games, which includes games deployed on one or more chains, currently on 17%.

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