Eyeball Pool launching on Immutable in early 2024

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Set up by the core team behind Miniclip’s highly successful 8 Ball Pool, Eyeball Games has announced its blockchain-enabled mobile game Eyeball Pool will launch on Immutable.

Based in Singapore, Eyeball Games was originally part of Cronos’ accelerator program and launched its initial set of 4,001 Balldroids Gen 0 NFTs on the Cronos blockchain.

However, the deal with Immutable will see the game migrate to its new Polygon-based zkEVM platform, with a full launch planned for early 2024.

Eyeball Pool uses a brand new proprietary physics engine, featuring a player-vs-player mode and a range of tournament modes which include an AI skill-matching engine.

Currently in closed beta testing, the Balldroid Gen 1 NFTs will be launched on ImmutableX alongside the introduction of the game’s multiplayer mode, acting as an early access pass.

Balldroid holders will also be able to claim exclusive game starter packs of NFT cues, currency, an NFT season pass and enjoy a perpetual ad-free experience when the mobile game is launched.

“We believe there’s power in partnering with a specialized ecosystem for gaming versus one that tries to include all use cases. Immutable works day and night to improve its gaming ecosystem, developer tooling, and publishing capabilities – the Immutable zkEVM is a testament to this. With Immutable’s help, we look forward to redefining the pool game experience,” said Eyeball’s CEO Jonathan Ivarsson. 

 You can sign up for more information via the Eyeball Games’ website.

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