Cool Cats is working on three games

NFT collection Cool Cats has been teasing its game strategy for awhile now but finally it’s revealed some more details about the three games it has in development and which are due for release as early as September 2023.

Each targets a different genre and audience, but the main product appears to be a competitive multiplayer arcade game in development at Animoca-owned US studio nWay.

It’s best known for its work on multiplayer beat’-em ups such as Power Rangers: Legacy Wars on mobile and the PC/console-based Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid.

Another Animoca-related company is iCandy Interactive, which is working on a browser-based endless runner. That’s the one due for release in September.

(As an aside, Cool Cats received an undisclosed strategic investment from Animoca in October 2022 so working with its companies makes complete sense.)

The final game is a mobile match-3, which is in development at casual developer Sync Studios.

“Our new games are critical to our ongoing mission of developing Cool Cats into a globally known character brand, and a robust storytelling and content company,” says CEO Stephen Teglas.

“With nWay, iCandy, and Sync Studios, we are partnering with three innovative leaders to provide immersive gaming entertainment to engage our current fans and introduce our brand to the broader global audience.”

Further details about each game including their titles and release dates will be available soon. Keep an eye on the Cool Cats’ website.

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