Ultra Arena esports platform launching on 8th August

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Blockchain-based game distribution platform Ultra has announced its Ultra Arena esports tournament platform is launching on Tuesday 8th August, in collaboration with European retailer CLD Distribution.

Accessed from within the Ultra PC client, Ultra says it will combine tournament organization, prizes and rewards in a single intuitive hub. As part of its launch season, Ultra will be running tournaments for games such as League of Legends, Overwatch 2, CS:GO and PUBG as well as titles that are only available on Ultra such as Cards of Ethernity.

Organizers can set up their own tournaments, setting their rules and brackets as well as rewards. These can range from the UOS token to games, and digital collectibles, which players can choose to keep or trade with others on Ultra’s built-in Uniq NFT marketplace. Physical licensed products such as graphics cards and keyboards can also be offered.

“Today, esports beyond the very top professional level quickly becomes a mishmash of tournament platforms, Discord servers, and LFG groups. It’s a major challenge for competitive gamers and excludes casual gamers who’d nevertheless like to compete against similar ability players on their favorite games,” commented Ultra co-CEO Nicolas Gilot.

“By offering a convenient and user-friendly hub within the wider Ultra ecosystem, we’re making it easier for players of all skill levels to access tournaments whilst providing unparalleled opportunities for esports and gaming brands to engage their fans and communities.”

Download the Ultra PC client via its website.

You can also read our recent interview with Nicolas Gilot here.

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