Darewise and Horizen Labs collaborate to launch a Bitcoin economy in Life Beyond

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Animoca subsidiary and Life Beyond-studio Darewise Entertainment has announced a strategic partnership with web3 tool provider Horizen Labs. 

With its expertise in zero-knowledge cryptography and web3 features, Horizen Labs will support Darewise in launching what it calls a “metaverse token for the Bitcoin ecosystem” by utilizing the BRC-20 standard and the Ordinals protocol.

As well as technical support, Horizen Labs will offer tokenomics consultation, tools and applications to advance the Ordinals ecosystem.

Web3 PC metaverse Life Beyond – which previously deployed its NFTs on Polygon – will be the first product to use the token to secure its in-game assets and virtual lands. 

Darewise co-founder and CEO Benjamin Charbit commented, “We’re still in the early innings, but the potential for Bitcoin to become more than just a store of value is immense. To achieve that potential we need to roll up our sleeves and build, and that’s the essence of our partnership with Horizen Labs.”

Darewise chief product officer Vincent Marty added, “Over the next few months, we will unveil a lot of technological breakthroughs we have been working on that will power not only Life Beyond Chapter 1 2024 but also metaverses and games around the world. We are working tirelessly to make sure we will have true utility in this ecosystem when our token is launched.”

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