CM Games’ Paul Flanagan on web3 gaming’s progress

In this video, CM Games’ Paul Flanagan shares his insightful perspective on web3 and its progress to date in gaming. The talk was given on the track Web3 Wonders at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki earlier in 2023. 

Flanagan kicks off by sharing CM Games’ journey within web3, its approach to blockchain adoption and how the collaboration with Mythical Games came about, and more. 

While previously working on the highly popular Drag Racing franchise, which later evolved into Nitro Nation, the next chapter started when one of the team members created text based RPG EtheR Quest on Ethereum back in 2018. 

Later that year CM Games created mobile and browser-based autofighting game Glitch Goons. As Flanagan explains however, “The problem was we spent so much time building the backend, but we didn’t really have time to sort out the game. We had all the great tech, but the game didn’t really work.”

Then the crypto winter hit, and just like for many other game projects, CM Games’ investors pulled out.

A couple of years later Mythical Games approached the team with a request to make a racing game. Realising that they largely aligned in ideas, the companies started collaborating. With Mythical as publisher and CM Games as the developer, the third instalment of the Drag Racing series – mobile-based Nitro Nation World Tour – took form.

And similar to Mythical’s other mobile game NFL Rivals, the game simply operates as a free-to-play. Players own their cars, but crypto wallets and blockchain interaction is optional, all the while most of the complexity of onboarding is hidden. While blockchain adds value in terms of facilitating ownership, it’s “not essential to do what we are doing, but probably a prerequisite from the angle of trust,” explains Flanagan.

This video is highly informative for anyone looking to gain more in-depth knowledge of the thinking behind blockchain adoption and its benefits in gaming.

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