Nitro Nation World Tour’s first season now live

Following its soft launch in August 2023, mobile-based collectible car racing game Nitro Nation World Tour has now launched season one, which is available through the app stores. 

A co-development from the founders of the highly acclaimed Nitro Nation franchise Creative Mobile and Mythical Games, Nitro Nation World Tour is a mobile game combining racing and collecting with earning and digital ownership, including fully licensed car NFTs from globally renowned car manufacturers. Kicking off season one is McLaren Automotive, with other brands including Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Pagani.

With various game modes including real-time PVP races, tournaments and events, Nitro Nation World Tour also has NFTs in the form of cars and workshops. While the cars are used for races, players can customize and upgrade their cars through workshops. They can also loan out the cars they own or rent other players’ cars to try different makes.

Co-founder and CCO of Mythical Games Jamie Jackson commented, “We’re really looking forward to seeing how the community rallies around the game, and it will be fun to see how collectors are going to trick out their rides to either sell or race against their competitors.”

For its first season the developers are also collaborating with musician and car enthusiast Joel Zimmerman aka. Deadmau5, in conjunction with his upcoming tour starting October 5th. In addition to Deadmau5 being featured in season one’s in-game World Tour festival, Nitro Nation players can also compete for an exclusive Deadmau5 in-game car.

“I’ve always loved living on the cutting edge of technology, and I’m proud to be a partner and launch the game during my upcoming Day of the deadmau5 shows,” said deadmau5.

Deployed on the Mythos blockchain, the game is powered by Mythical’s governance token MYTH.

Stay up-to-date with the game at the Nitro Nation World Tour website.

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