Double Jump collabs with four companies to fire Japanese web3 gaming

Leading Japanese web3 gaming company Double has joined forces with four marketing and community-focused companies to promote web3 gaming in Japan. 

Together with Dentsu, Septeni Global, Septeni Incubate, and SHINSEKAI Technologies, the new initiative intends to market and expand the native web3 gaming industry.

Based on a trend the companies have seen among game publishers across Europe, North America, and Asia spearheading the Japanese market, they gathered to form a marketing team aimed at promoting web3 games. Under the name Web3 Gaming Booster, the team’s ultimate motivation is mass adoption of web3 gaming.

More particularly, the new initiative will offer a wide range of support, including the design of new marketing strategies, marketing execution, data analysis, and community management, to web3 game publishers and operators looking to enter the Japanese market.

In 2023, Ubisoft was one of the major developers announcing that it was working on its first blockchain title Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, which is largely directed at the Japanese gaming market by deploying on Japan’s leading gaming blockchain Oasys. More recently, South Korea-based developer Com2uS announced its XPLA network would develop a subnet, aka Verse, on Oasys to expand the reach of its web3 games catalogue to Japan.

Meanwhile, Double is working on its own titles, including Brave Frontier Heroes, My Crypto Heroes, and Battle of Three Kingdoms. The latter which is leveraging the Sega IP Sangokushi Taisen.

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