Wemade’s web3 MMORPG Night Crows has launched globally

Following its initial success in South Korea, Wemade’s anticipated PC/mobile fantasy MMORPG Night Crows has now launched globally. With its multi-chain technology, the game integrates across six different blockchains, including Wemade’s native gaming network Wemix 3.0.

After its South Korean launch, the game quickly climbed the charts on both Google Play and Apple App Store, and has generated over $151 million in IAP sales within seven months. As such, Night Crows has grown to be one of Wemade’s most prominent IP.

Co-developed with South Korea-based game studio Madngine, this historic fantasy game is based in 13th century Europe, an era during which numerous battles took place. Each player is described as “a hero of the New Trieste”. 

In terms of web3, Night Crows‘ strong selling point however is its multi-chain features, with aspirations of creating a thriving decentralised blockchain economy. While previous games on Wemix have had similar elements, Night Crows is by far the most ambitious and complex web3 game system to date on the network. Its multiple tokens and characters can be traded across six networks, including Avalanche, Ethereum, Kroma, BNB, Polygon, and Wemix 3.0.

Getting a full grasp of the game’s tokenomics will take some time, but at a quick glance, CROW is the game’s main token. CROW is minted as Value Added Diamonds (vDIA), which can be earned by playing the game and putting resources back into it. More generally, CROW is used to purchase in-game items, characters and NFTs, and can be swapped for other tokens supported by its multi-chain integration.

Alongside CROW, there are also six other resource tokens.

“With its groundbreaking omnichain gaming experience, and exceptional, advanced multi-tokenomics, NIGHT CROWS is poised to revolutionize web3 gaming. Its success will drive growth and innovation not only within WEMIX PLAY but across the entire WEMIX Mainnet ecosystem,” said Wemade CEO Henry Chang.

To find more about its tokenomics and to download the game, visit the Night Crows website.

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